Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mice Smarter Than Human

From the Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, CA comes a sad story, Woman tries to kill mice, shoots self. Well, maybe not sad. Sort of freaking hilarious actually. Somewhere a village is looking for its idiot.

According to this story, a woman saw a mouse and pulled out .44 caliber pistol. That's a .44 Magnum. You know, Dirty Harry? Huge. Like a cannon.

So anyway, she sees this mouse and decides to obliterate it. I mean a .44 for a mouse is like a nuclear bomb for a elephant. The bullet is almost as big as a mouse.

So let's get the facts. Was she really young? Nope, 43. Did she not have adult supervision? Nope, she was with a 42 year old man. She was in a trailer. Ahhh, the first clue. Instead of firing the gun, she dropped it. Ahhh. In my minds eye, I can see the whiskey bottle unstoppered on the vinyl-top, round, 2 chair, k-mart table that is sitting in the middle of the kitchen of this trailer.

After "it slipped", it blew a hole through her knee, ricocheted off the man's keys (which were hanging from his belt, ahh another clue), it then grazed the man's groin and then entered his pocket where it rested sleepily amongst his coinage.

Police recovered the bullet from his pocket. Much better than a recovery from the groin. Although, removing the ability to breed from these two might be a good idea. A little bleach in the gene pool.

Darwin wept.

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